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‘No place feels more
R E L o c a t i o N like home’

G U i D E

Relocating to Cleveland? Wondering where to start?

ou’ve landed a great new job and now you need to relocate your
family. Perhaps you’ve just retired and want to move closer to your
children or to a place with a more temperate climate. Maybe you just put
your inger on the map and decided to move to a new community (it has
happened!). Even though it’s an exciting time, the moving process can be
To alleviate some
of that stress, our
Relocation Guide is Esmerelda and Andrew Lee with children
a valuable resource Elyssa, Caleb and Samuel and dog Hugo.
to help make your
move to Cleveland, ee University brought me to
Charleston and Bradley L
County easier. Within Cleveland, Tennessee, all the way from
the pages of this guide, South Africa. Through the years, I had the
we answer many opportunity to travel to many beautiful
of your questions cities and towns throughout the United
about community States of America. From New Orleans
services, cost of to New York City, no place tugged at my
living, demographics, heartstrings and felt more like home to
education, health
services, public transportation and emergency services. We tease you with me than Cleveland.
a taste of local culture and recreation and area attractions. We give you a Cleveland offers the metropolitan
glimpse of our infrastructure, identify our city and county government leaders, ability to grow professionally while
and provide an overview of our population and workforce. We tell you where allowing me to maintain family values
and how to and close-knit ties to the community. I
register your have always believed that children are
automobile and
the family pet, not just influenced by their parents;
where to turn they are mentored and inspired by their
on your utilities, community. Cleveland has become our
and who to family support system. The people in
call to recycle our neighborhood, our church, our civic
garbage. We organizations and our schools are all daily
even assure you
of our moderate influencing my children, and my husband
climate. and I feel confident that we have chosen
Also the best mentors this world has to offer.
included in
our guide is a —Esmerelda Lee, Executive Director,
sampling of shopping and dining opportunities and a look at some offerings Garden Plaza of Cleveland
for the senior population.
So sit back and relax while we help you make the transition to your new
neighborhood. And if you can’t ind the answers you need within these pages,
call the Chamber of Commerce at 423-472-6587 or visit 5
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