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which includes grocery items,
housing, utilities, transportation,
healthcare, and miscellaneous
goods and services, Cleveland’s
living costs are 88.2 percent. The
U.S. average is 100 percent.
Cooke’s Food Store Housing

Housing costs in Cleveland and
Bradley County are 18.9 percent
below the national average as
relected in the second quarter 2015 ACCRA cost-of-living survey. A list of
Chamber-member real estate agents and apartment complexes is available
at the Chamber ofice. Demographics

Property taxes Personal income
Property taxes are due on Oct. 1 each year and are delinquent beginning Per Capita Income: 2013—$21,649
March 1. A 1-percent interest rate per month and penalty charges are added Median Household Income:
to delinquent taxes, payable at
the City Clerk’s ofice and/or the 2013—$41,083
County Trustee’s ofice. There is Population (2010 census)
no broad-based state income tax
in Tennessee. Cleveland—41,285 Charleston—651
Remainder of Bradley County—57,027
Property tax per $100 assessed
valuation: Cleveland—$1.65, Total—98,963
Charleston—$.43, Demographics (County):
County—$2.02-$2.48, depending Male—48.7% Female—51.3%
upon level of ire protection.
Property is assessed using the following percentages: residential—25%;
personal equipment—30%; commercial and industrial—40%. Under 5 years
County: Hotel/Motel Tax—5.0% 6.1%
Sales Tax: State—7.0%, Local—2.25% (total 9.25%) 5-14 years

Education 15-19 years

Bradley County Schools—Dr. Linda Cash, Director; 800 South Lee 7.1%
Highway; 423-476-0620. Student-teacher ratio 16:1; 17 schools; 10,375 20-24 years
students. Bradley County Schools are one of only a few school systems
in Tennessee to have received the distinction of District Accreditation from 25-44 years
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). 25.8%
Cleveland City Schools—4300 Mouse Creek Rd; 423-472-9571. Student- 45-64 years
teacher ratios 13:1; nine schools; 5,423 students. Cleveland City Schools 26.5%
are accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), 65 years and over
and students’ ACT scores are above state and national averages. Cleveland
High School offers four nationally recognized Career and Technical Education 14.0% Hispanic 4.7%
Programs. Other 1% Black 4.3%
Private Schools—Several private schools are located in Cleveland/Bradley
County, providing high-quality, comprehensive academic programs for grades
PreK-12. The community also has more than 25 daycare centers and offers
Montessori Kinder instruction.
Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Dr. R. Lamar Vest, President; 900 White 90%
Walker St; 423-478-1131. Student-teacher ratio 18:1; 192 students. The
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