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Constantly communicates about you?
As a Chamber member and a vital part of our business community, the
Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce represents you every day when
it responds to inquiries about our region and the services it offers.
Builds the community’s economic base?
Through the Chamber’s Economic Development Council and the Bradley/
Cleveland Industrial Development Board, the Chamber recruits new
industries and assists our existing local industries with expansion and
workforce needs.

Promotes a good business environment?
Through the Public Affairs Committee, the Chamber advocates a
supportive business environment and communicates with local, state
and federal officials to ensure that all businesses have an opportunity
to grow and prosper.
Sells your potential customers on coming here?
Through our marketing programs and responses to inquiries, the Chamber’s
Tourism Development division continually promotes the Ocoee Region as
a preferred destination for relocation, tourist activities, sporting events,
recreation, shopping, healthcare services and meetings.
Provides numerous networking opportunities?
Regularly scheduled Chamber gatherings offer the opportunity to meet
and get to know other business owners and managers in the community,
often resulting in fresh ideas, new supply sources and new sales leads.
Functions as your research department?
A wealth of up-to-date statistical information is available to you as a
Chamber member—information we have compiled to help you have in-depth
knowledge of your market and make better business decisions.
Provides access to a comprehensive calendar of community events?
Through the Chamber’s website, you can submit information regarding
meetings, arts and leisure activities, and other functions with the click of
a mouse. Likewise, residents and visitors can access this information by
clicking the “One Community, One Calendar” icon and identify what they
can see or do at any given time in our community.

Maintains a social media presence?
By using social media tools—Facebook, Twitter (CLEchamber) and Instagram
(CLEChamber)—the Chamber provides an active resource of content that all
business people and members of the community can turn to for information.
In addition to the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce Facebook
page, unique pages for Chair-ries Jubilee, Young Professionals Associations
of Cleveland and Youth Leadership provide program information to build
community and demonstrate products and services. Cleveland’s Tourism
Development division (Visit Cleveland TN), International Cowpea Festival
and Cook-off and Allied Arts Council also maintain Facebook pages.

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