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Businesses Set the Tone for Growth

The Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce makes a huge
impact on our community in various ways, dedicating its efforts to
the business development of our members, the economic growth
of our region and the highest quality of life for our community.
Unfortunately, many people in our community have no idea what
the Chamber is or what it does for them.

When I opened the doors to Café Roma 13 years ago, someone
asked me to join the Chamber of Commerce. Of course, at that
time I was not exactly sure of the reach they had or even what
they did. However, I did know I should join. I knew it would be an
investment of several hundred dollars to be a member, which may
seem like a large investment when you are starting a business, but
I want other small business owners to know that the Chamber is the
best and most crucial investment I have made as a business owner
over the years.

Among other things, Chamber membership makes us a part of
bringing new industry to our community, expanding existing
businesses, and bringing more visitors to Cleveland and Bradley
County and subsequently allows us to have one of the lowest tax
burdens on our citizens in the entire state.

Shannon Ritzhaupt,
Café Roma
Chairman of the Board

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